One-on-One Sports and Exercise Nutrition Consulting

Training for a big event? Starting a new exercise program? It's hard to know what to eat!

The nutrition requirements to enhance your performance can be completely different depending on what activity you are pursuing. For example, the dietary needs of an iron man competitor will be much different than that of a powerlifter.

Maybe you've been wondering how to lose weight and still gain muscle? Or how much water to drink? Are sports drinks necessary? What kind of protein powder (if any) should you have? How many hours should you eat before a training session? After? These and a million other questions often arise when planning a fitness-focused diet.

    As a Certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Advisor, I can calculate the specific calorie requirements for YOUR fitness goals. We will further break that down to determine precise carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake to optimize athletic performance. Then we can go over meal options that FIT your budget, taste, and lifestyle!

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